University Planning Framework


The University of Queensland is a statutory body and is subject to the Queensland Government Performance Management Framework (PMF). The key elements of this framework are:

  • Planning to determine what outcomes are to be achieved for customers, stakeholders and the community.
  • Measuring and Monitoring Performance to track what is achieved against the plan.
  • Public Reporting in a fair and balanced way, to facilitate accountability.

Planning and Business Intelligence is responsible for managing the University's strategic and operational planning. The operations of The University are currently informed by The University of Queensland Strategic Plan 2022–2025 which is underpinned by the annual UQ Plan on a Page. Faculties, UQ institutes and central portfolios develop annual operational plans which further operationalise the University’s strategies and priorities.

PBI are also responsible for measuring and monitoring performance in relation to UQ’s strategic goals and targets. This is achieved by providing senior management and the University Senate with reports, metrics and analysis that monitor the progress of strategic initiatives.

Performance against the University's strategic goals is measured through a set of key performance indicators, each with a 5 year and 10 year target. An online dashboard and series of detailed Business Objects reports have been prepared to support KPI monitoring.

An Annual Progress and Achievement report is also submitted to the University Senate each year to track progress toward the Strategic Plan and provide a detailed analysis of each of the strategic KPIs.

Public reporting takes the form of an Annual report, which is prepared by the UQ Marketing and Communication each year.