Operational Planning and Reporting


UQ's Operational Plan

UQ’s Operational ‘Plan on a Page’ for 2023 has been developed in collaboration with the University’s Senior Executive Team. It is framed around our three domains of Learning and Student Experience, Research and Innovation, and Enriching our Communities. These domains are underpinned by the cross-cutting enablers of Our Global Profile, Our People, and Securing our Future.

The Plan on a Page outlines the key initiatives that will be progressed at UQ this year in support of our strategic goals.

The following editable Plan on a Page templates are available to assist with internal planning activities:


Faculty, Institute and Portfolio Planning

Each year, faculties, institutes and central portfolios are required to develop annual plans that outline the ways in which their areas are contributing to the strategic plan. These plans are provided through our online operational planning interface and are submitted in in the first quarter of each year.

Progress Reporting

Progress against our operational plans are monitored by the University Senior Leadership Group and University Senior Executive Team. Interim progress updates are provided twice during the year and a final progress report is prepared at the end of the year.