Apply for Access

All UQ staff and external viewers have access to a large, but limited, range of statistical reports on the UQ Reportal. This system publishes reports using BusinessObjects. A wider range of standard reports have been published and staff can apply for access to these reports. Staff in roles with an analytical or reporting function can also apply for access to the underlying data in the Data Warehouse so that they can build their own BusinessObjects reports.

To apply for access staff must:

  • Complete the online application form. Your supervisor or faculty/section head will be notified via email as soon as you have completed the application. Once they have approved your application it will be processed by PBI. For access to finance data the request will also go to a Finance Manager for approval. You will be notified by email throughout the process.
  • If you have applied for access, once approved, you can access the UQ Reportal here.
  • Sign up for one of the various BusinessObjects training courses. Workshops and information sessions are also available.