UQ’s Performance and Planning Review

UQ’s current strategic plan finishes at the end of 2017 providing an opportunity to reframe the long-term direction of the University and review the strategic planning and performance framework. Throughout 2016 and 2017 the Office of Planning will be managing this review.

In particular, the aim is to develop a framework that provides:

  • A clear articulation of long-term strategic goals that are tangible and clearly understood throughout the UQ community
  • A strategy that is directly linked to the long-term goals, is known and understood by all University stakeholders, can be executed by management, is resourced to enable success and is adaptive to respond to change and uncertainty
  • A planning and performance framework that complies with legislative requirements and supports the University to undertake more effective planning and performance management at all levels of the organisation

This will be delivered through the four key components listed below:

A Statement of Strategic Intent

This will articulate UQ’s broad aspirations and long-term goals to provide an outline of the general strategic direction for the University.

Strategic Plan (2018-2020)

This document will identify priority initiatives to clearly articulate what UQ will concentrate on over the next three years in order to make progress against the longer term goals.

Concise set of KPIs

A new set of KPIs will be developed. They will be outcomes focussed, primarily lagging indicators, and measure performance against the University’s strategic goals. They will be supported by a larger set of business intelligence indicators.

Improved Framework for Operational Planning and Performance Monitoring

To support the successful execution of the University’s strategy a new planning and performance framework will be developed to further improve the alignment between strategic planning and other corporate governance activities (e.g. budgeting)