Strategic Planning

Planning and Business Intelligence is responsible for managing the University's strategic and operational planning. PBI support the development of UQ's strategic and operational plans but is also responsible for performance monitoring. This is achieved by providing senior management and the University Senate with the reports, metrics and analysis to monitor the progress of specific strategic initiatives as well as progress in relation to UQ's strategic goals and targets.

The operations of The University are currently informed by the University of Queensland Strategic Plan 2014-2017 which is underpinned a framework of operational plans as well as annual progress and achievement reports.

Performance against the University's strategic goals is measured through a set of key performance indicators each with university and faculty/institute targets. An online dashboard and series of detailed BusinessObjects reports have been prepared to support KPI monitoring.

As the current strategic plan finishes at the end of 2017, a project is currently underway to re-frame the long-term direction of the University and review the strategic planning and performance framework.