4/01/2017 2:27:00 PM

New Report Development - Enrolment Snapshot - Volunteers required

Planning and Business Intelligence works continually to support users and improve the suite of standard reports available in the UQ Reportal. We have recently developed two student attrition snapshot reports to support the retention related strategies currently being implemented at UQ:

1. Enrolment Snapshot by Course – Select Semester
2. Enrolment Snapshot by Program – Select Semester

Both snapshot reports enable the tracking of course enrolments and withdrawals from one week to the next, relative to the ‘current’ and census weeks. Overview data may be useful with Program/course development, while student enrolment/withdrawal details may assist with student engagement and support.

PBI are piloting these new reports for Semester 1 2017, and are looking to collate feedback to ensure our standard reports meet operational needs.

If you, or anyone in your unit, is interested in trialling these reports and providing feedback, please contact pbi-support@uq.edu.au or phone x52595.



PBI Support .

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