Strategic KPIs

The Strategic Plan is organised around three pillars which have served UQ so well – Learning, Discovery and Engagement – and a group of Enablers (people and culture, resources, and governance) which provide critical support to the pillars. It articulates the University’s focus through a set of strategic objectives which describe where UQ wants to be in four years, while strategies outline what we will do to achieve our objectives.

Achieving our objectives will require us to improve our performance. This dashboard has been designed to support the University of Queensland Strategic Plan 2014 - 2017 by setting out our key performance indicators and targets. As a University, we will monitor and report on progress against our KPIs annually.

If you have any questions about the KPI dashboard please contact the Planning and Business Intelligence Office (x31319) or email

Performance Frameworks

These frameworks are based on the articulation of the key capabilities that each School or Institute must develop and sets out the sequence for broadening and deepening those capabilities. Key indicators, including performance thresholds, have been identified for measuring the capabilities, resulting in a performance chart for each organisational unit. The scorecard reflects performance against internal University of Queensland benchmarks which are purposefully set high. Schools and Institutes are rated against The University of Queensland's own aspirational targets.

If you have any questions about these dashboards please contact the Business Intelligence Helpdesk (x52595) or email

Teaching and Learning

These dashboards provide a range of teaching and learning related metrics that assist faculties and schools in tracking data related to student demand, retention, success, satisfaction (among both current students and graduates), and graduate destinations by field of education.

Detailed information on the metrics displayed on each of the screens can be accessed using the ‘Help’ button, and there are a number of links within the dashboard to underlying data collections held within the University.

If you have any questions about the KPI dashboard please contact the Planning and Business Intelligence Office (x31319) or email


The Research Activity Profile provides each UQ academic with a list of their research activity at UQ over a rolling 6-year window plus the current year to date, e.g., 2011-2016 + 2017 year to date. Research data is drawn nightly from eSpace, Research Master, and SI-net.

For further information, please email Research Analysis and Operations.


The GO8 Dashboard presents benchmarking data about member institutions of the GO8 research-intensive Australian universities. This information is based on data held in various Federal Government collections, or provided annually by member universities in the case of the most recent years of data.

Specifically, the GO8 Dashboard presents data on:

  • Student load and load funding drawn from the Federal Government Student collection
  • Staffing levels, functions and classifications and some demographics drawn from the Federal Government Staff collection
  • Research activity, including income, publications, higher degree student load and completions drawn from annual HERDC submissions
  • Financial data on University Revenue sources as submitted to the Federal Government in annual financial statements. Note that the $ per EFTSL data is drawn from data two independent sources and the results should be interpreted with caution
  • Course Experience Questionnaire data by Field of Education, drawn from the Graduate Careers Australia data by ASCED Field code (unadjusted data)

If you have any questions about the Go8 Executive Dashboard please contact the Planning and Business Intelligence Office (x31319) or email